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Vietnam had been no online platform for renting and sharing self-driving cars or self-riding motorbikes so far. That is why customers on demand would feel struggling when they would like to rent a car/ motorbike. Meanwhile, Owners or companies who had idle cars did not have efficient technologies to manage and optimize their assets.

Apart from the blooming and development of sharing technology worldwide, customers are getting used to book/ order delivery services through online/mobile channels because of their convenience and quickness.

Based on that technology trend and status quo in Vietnam, Chungxe provides a comprehensive solution for urban commute by combining customers with self-driving car and self-riding motorbike rental companies. Not only do we take car/motorbike for rent, but we also create perfect products in the current ecosystem.

Chungxe – An online platform for renting and sharing self-driving cars/ self-riding motorbikes

Chungxe will combine car/motorbike rental agents/companies and owners have idle vehicles across the country with customers on demand based on mobile/online platforms. Renters can find it easy and quick to search, compare prices, book and pay.

Our product will be launched on the website: and developed on Android and IOS in the future to facilitate mobile users.

Chungxe’s vision

We provide a platform that vehicle owners can attract customers and execute their business conveniently. We focus on simplify vehicle rental process by creating openable mechanisms to execute and facilitate transactions while proving an economical mode of transport for everyone

Our mission

Chungxe’s mission is bringing a modern tech platform for renting and sharing vehicle economically, safely and quickly. tends to the vehicle rental and sharing community by the most civilized and eco-friendly way.

Take part in our community to experience the modern extensions with the best and passionate service. All your contributions will enhance the self-driving vehicle (motorbike, car) rental and sharing platform day by day. We would be glad if there are any wonderings or suggestions left on our website or email:

Best regards,

Chungxe – an online platform of renting and sharing self-driving vehicle (car and motorbike) nationwide in an economical, safe and fast way

Chungxe Joint Stock Company
Hanoi Office : 5th floor, 166 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung
Da Nang Office : 3rd floor, 31 Tran Phu, Hai Chau
Ho Chi Minh City Office : 7th floor, Avenis Building, 145 Dien Bien Phu, District 1

4 ways to rent a motorcycle at Chungxe:

  1. Book at website
  2. Inbox Fanpage:
  3. Send email to:
  4. Call at 1900.636.585 (Office hour)

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