Well-noted tips for a trip with bike rental in Vietnam


Vietnam is well-known for hospitable people and spectacular beauty, with the combination of hustle and bustle cities as well as terraced fields. It’s always been an ideal destination for international backpackers. If you’re a traveler who is fed up with sightseeing through the car window, bike rental is an option that should be taken for granted for your journey. Some travelers hesitate to travel with bike rental as it may incur some potential risks. Yet, if you well-prepared enough to forecast all unexpected incidences, experiences you gain from this trip will definitely be more memorable than any other traditional forms of travel. Here are some useful tips for what you need to draw up for the best journey with a rented bike. Hope it helps

1. Before the trip with bike rental

Check the weather: As you know Vietnam stretches vertically so climatic zone differs in each region. For example, in July the Northern Vietnam is all covered with burning sunlight. At the same time it’s raining torrentially along the Central Vietnam. Therefore, you should choose the destination and travel time whose climate best fits with your preferences. 

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Choose a reliable self-driving motorbike rental firm: Once you’ve decided to take a self-guided trip, motorbike plays a decisive role. Your itinerary can be totally ruined if you unfortunately pick a low quality motorbike. Tourism service in Vietnam has been blooming in recent years. Many trustworthy motorbike rental companies have been established to meet the demanding requirements of both domestic and international travelers.

However, rental policy varies upon different bike hire firm. So with an effort to simplify all procedures for customers, especially international backpackers, Chungxe owns standardized rental policy that helps customers rent a high quality motorbike suitable with their purpose with not-so-complicated procedure. Motorbike rental demand in Vietnam is pretty high, and much higher during travel season. You should book a bike in advance as soon as possible to make sure that motorbike is always available for your journey. 

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Prepare driving license: in some bike rental firms,  driving license is not required by motorbike rental firm. However, it’s a bit troublesome if you get pulled over by traffic police as it’s illegal to ride a motorbike without a valid driving license. Many travelers have no idea that they are pulled over even when they comply all traffic rules. Police usually performs their checks in the big cities during the rush hours and randomly stop any vehicles to force them present all required valid paperwork.

If you fail to prove you are eligible to ride motorbike in Vietnam, you may pay strict fine. More seriously, the police even confiscate your rented motorbike if you do not comply with the traffic rules as well. In case of traffic accident, victims who own valid driving license will be covered by insurance. So how to eligible to ride a motorbike in Vietnam should be the top concern. You need to bear it in mind before having an adventure in Vietnam.

Learn Vietnam traffic law: from foreigners’ perspectives, Vietnam traffic rules are too complicated to follow. The most common cases include driving through the red light, driving in the wrong direction, failure to use signals when taking a turn or speeding over the limit. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. You have no alternative but to obey all these rules. 

Buy travel insurance: as mentioned above, traveling without an insurance is not a good idea. Not only does an insurance helps to protect you from uncertain financial and health risk but they also provide you with peace of mind when you do exciting and slightly risky things.

Get equipped with miscellaneous items: though they are small stuff but you can hardly enjoy the best trip without them. They are mostly personal items and some emergency items like first aid kit, flashlight, chargers etc.

2. During the trip 

Fill a bottle with fuel: on the Highway, gas station is not too hard to be found. However, in secluded routes, it’s not the same thing. The gas stations will become scarce and if you don’t properly prepare yourself with a bottle full of petrol. If not, you may push your bike a long way

Always check the kickstand before riding: it’s dangerous to ride with a kickstand pulled down, especially sudden curves with high speed. In some times, you can be pulled over by Vietnam police because of this carelessness. So don’t forget to spend a few seconds checking whether you pulled the kickstand up or not.

Keep in touch with bike renter: you can never speculate what might occur to you during your adventure, so make sure that your mobile phone is always ready for phone call during urgent situations such as motorbike breakdown or traffic accidents to receive instant support.

3. After the trip with bike rental

Carefully check the gasoline prior to motorbike return: as rental fee does not include petrol fee, you need to make sure to return the bike with the same level of petrol as one when you picked it up, otherwise, you have to be surcharged for it. 

It’s slightly risky to travel in a place out of your territory with a bike hire. But above all it’s impossible for you to forget those challenging but beautiful days on the road, breathtaking views you’ve encountered and how much you’ve learned about Vietnamese culture for sure.  Hope these tips are helpful and will make your travel around Vietnam by motorbike much more comfortable and memorable. If you have more tips, feel free to reach us out.

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