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Hanoi is one of the most dynamic cities in Vietnam which has strong development of public transportation. You can easily book a Grab, Be or catch a bus with low prices to facilitate your commute. However, if you want to contemplate Vietnamese beautiful landscapes without depending on any schedules and drivers, renting a self-driving car is an unskippable option for your journey with friends and family. So, why don’t you think about self-driving car rental in Hanoi to serve your journeys?

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In case you don’t know any prestigious self-driving car rental company/agent in Hanoi, you can access to – an online platform for renting and sharing self-driving cars in Vietnam with simple and convenient procedures. You can find, compare the prices, rent a car/motorbike and pay quickly through the online and mobile platform.

Preparing before departure

The self-driving car rental in Hanoi is not an exotic thing for travelers, especially travelholic. To make your self-driving car rental become more convenient, you should bring some necessary documents with you:

  • Driving license: At least, you must have a driving license if you want to rent a car
  • Household registration book: This document is considered as a warranty so that the Owner can rent the car out to you.
  • Credit card or cash: This is obligatory because most agents/companies require renters must leave a deposit about over 30 million (based on car types) during the rental period.

Booking at home

You should find and book a car as soon as possible if you don’t want to rent an expensive and unwanted one. The number of cars is usually “out-of-stock” at the weekends because of increased requirements, and their price is from 20% to 30% higher than weekdays.

Chungxe has more than 100 car types with different colours and styles across the country, so it’s completely convenient for you to rent a car in Hanoi. Unlike the conventional market, the car prices on Chungxe website are published clearly and competitive, you even can get attractive preferential policies. There are numerous car types and car generations with diversified prices which are always stable and unincreased. Our 24/7 customer support will answer any wonderings, and address any problem you might have during your rental period.

The steps to book a car at Chungxe:

Step 1: Find your wanted car.

Access to the website: and fill the required information such as pick-up location, pick-up and drop-off date. Our delivery service concluding door-to-door delivery and delivery at place ( you may pay a shipping fee for this)

Chungxe homepage

Search results of Hanoi car rental without driver

There are 2 common car types: automatic transmission car and manual transmission car. If you are a new driver in Hanoi, an automatic transmission car is the best choice for you.

Step 2: Determining the terms and conditions

The noteworthy car rental procedures: 

  • Deposit: The Owner will require you to leave over 30 million VND based on each car type for warranty during the rental period. After dropping off, this deposit will be repaid 
  • The rental price including the limited mileage rate ( The limited mileage rate: 250 km/day. In case you are over this rate, you have to pay 3000 VND/ kilometre).The price does not include gasoline, toll, parking, traffic violation and danger area infringement  
  • Gasoline:  “Full-to-full” – it means that when you receive a car with a full tank of gas, you must refill when dropping off. Or else, you must pay an extra fee ( which is more expensive)

Step 3: Booking

After determining the above procedures, booking and paying in advance. The Owner will confirm your email afterwards.

Pick-up procedures

  • Bring enough necessary documents such as driving license, ID card, household registration book( KT3) and business registration certificate when picking up the car
  • Read the minutes of the handover of cars carefully; inspect if there is any scratch; inspect the gasoline gauge when receiving. You don’t need to stop in the middle of the journey if you follow these steps
  • Inspect car quality, mirrors, engine and other equipments. Make sure that you don’t need to pay for any extra expenses but you still receive what is included in the agreement

thuê xe tự lái hà nội

Inspect the car before renting

Some noteworthy drop-off procedures

Consulting staff has stated the drop-off location so that you can follow to return your rental car. However, you should guarantee that the car’s exterior and the interior are not too dirty ( it’s not necessary to wash) because some self-driving car rental companies/ agents will force you to give them a washing fee afterwards. Remember to refill the gas tank before dropping off

Before dropping off and picking up, you should have a plan to make your rental become easier without paying an extra expense for being over limited mileage rate. It is vital to inspect if that car rental companies/ agents work on that day or not. You also need to ask them which location you can pick up/drop off your rental car.

The drop-off procedures are very simple, the staff in that car rental company will check the car inside out. If there is no problem, they will sign the minutes of reception. The deposit will be returned to you afterwards or it will be sent to your credit card a few days after

Conclusion, the self-driving car rental in Hanoi is not so complicated. All the things you need to rent cars are necessary documents and good driving skills. It’s a convenient and money-saving way for you to contemplate innumerous wonderful landscapes in Hanoi. However, because of the bustling traffic in Hanoi, you need to have a detailed must-go list for your travel.

Chungxe – an online platform for renting and sharing self-driving vehicle (car and motorbike) nationwide in an economical, safe and fast way

Chungxe Joint Stock Company
Hanoi Office : 5th floor, 166 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung
Da Nang Office : 3rd floor, 31 Tran Phu, Hai Chau
Ho Chi Minh City Office : 7th floor, Avenis Building, 145 Dien Bien Phu, District 1

4 ways to rent a motorcycle at Chungxe:

  1. Book at website
  2. Inbox Fanpage:
  3. Send email to:
  4. Call at 1900.636.585 (Office hour)

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