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Things to do in Dalat – Travel guide 

Known as a flower city in Vietnam – the most beautiful city in Vietnam, Dalat is always a tourist attraction alluring travelers from all over the world. Not only does it have a good reputation for numerous flowers, but it also impresses anyone by its imposing waterfalls and spacious pine hills. So, why don’t you take your holidays to such a wonderland to enjoy the fresh and flower-rich space as well as the phenomenal dishes of the local area? Particularly, make a memorable trip with family members and friends before being up to your ears in work. Chungxe would be happy to provide you with a comprehensive travel guide for things to do in Dalat- the city of thousand flowers to have a mess-free holiday there.

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North Vietnam: Unrivalled itinerary by motorbike 

Unlike the all year heat of the South or the Central with 2 specific seasons: dry season and rain season, the North Vietnam experiences four seasons annually. The best time to visit the North Vietnam is from September to November with the lowest rainfall and moderate temperature. If you have a well-designed travel plan, you will truly make the most of your time in the North. Here is recommended itinerary suitable for a motorbike adventure.

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Tips for travelling from Hanoi To Sapa 

Sapa is one of the hottest destinations which lures tourists from all over the world. Not only can you make the ascent of the peak of Indochina, but you also contemplate the tranquil villages which are blurred by ethereal mist or “drift” yourself into the breath of fresh air for the whole year. At present, the annoying heat of summer in the North of Vietnam is an undeniable reason for you to travel there. Chungxe will recommend you the most money-saving and convenient way to get to such a mist-shrouded wonderland – Sapa.

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Scooter Rental in Hanoi – Have you tried yet? 

If you are really into the lifestyle of a city dweller, Hanoi is just for you. Hanoi with fascinating street possessing both rustic and modern beauty is waiting for you to explore. It is not easy to find a place where eastern and western characteristics in one city. Wandering around Hanoi with a motorbike is a popular choice among international travelers. Chungxe have connected with a lot of partners to provide the best motorbike rental service with various models such as semi automatic motorbike, manual motorbike, one of which is scooter rental in Hanoi.

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