Self-driving car rental in Chungxe – Solutions for Vietnamese self-driving cars

It cannot be denied that the market for self-driving car rental in Vietnam is very dynamic with customers ranging from individuals to businesses. Although there are many car rental companies on the market, it is not easy to choose a reputable and reliable car rental firm in a tough and overburdened competitive environment. Save your time with! Everything you need at your fingertips!

Qualified services and best price

The most concern of customers when renting a car is quality and price. At Chungxe – a nationwide online connection platform for self-driving vehicles (motorbike, car) rental, you can completely feel secure with these two criteria.  Every vehicle we hire out is thoroughly checked and cared for to ensure the ride is as smooth as possible for you – allowing you to enjoy the drive with no worries of breakdowns or other vehicle problems.

Every vehicle we hire out is thoroughly checked and cared for.

All vehicles from our partners are from 3 years back, maintained periodically before leasing.

As a firm of a nationwide online connection platform, Chungxe is considered one of the cheapest car rental services, with only 450.000 VNĐ per car – the lowest price ever. Therefore, customers can safely book a car without worrying because of the different rental prices.

Up to now, Chungxe has provided more than 5,000 customer movements nationwide.

Chungxe is considered one of the cheapest car rental services.

Diversified car models

From cross-country travel to local requirements, services have you covered with a wide range of different vehicles to meet your needs.  With business trips, customers can think about 4 – 5 seat cars, which shows dignity and modernity. When traveling, it is necessary to have large and comfortable vehicles. In addition, Crossover Utility Vehicles or Sport Utility Vehicles are preferred in backpacking trips. Just let us know what it is you need, and we’ll provide you with the vehicle to match – we aim to impress every time.

Fast and Convenient

Website interface: – you can book a car rental quickly and easily here

One obstacle to renting a car for many customers is the complexity of car rental procedures. However, the car rental procedures at Chungxe are simple right from the first step: booking a car. You can definitely book a car on the website:, select the desired model and book in just a few clicks, or simpler, directly enter the information of the car you want to place under the following form:


Đặt thuê xe


The customer service team of Chungxe will contact you to guide and support you in the whole process of renting a car. In particular, with the fastest car rental procedure, you should proactively the following documents:

For tourists, you need to have:

  • ID card
  • Driving license (driving eligibility test)
  • Deposit: Motorbikes (motorbike with a value of over VND 20 million, with a vehicle registration certificate or a cash deposit of from VND 20-25 million).

For local guests, you need:

  • ID card
  • Household registration book (passport, KT3, business registration certificate …). If not, the guarantor is required.
  • Deposit: Motorbikes (motorbikes with a value of over VND 20 million, with a vehicle registration certificate or a cash deposit of VND 20-25 million depending on the vehicle).

With just a few clicks and the necessary documents, you can easily rent a self-driving car to travel according to your purpose.

Contact to book a self-driving car rental in Chungxe

To rent a self-driving car across the country, you can contact the car reservation in the following ways:

  1. Place at website
  2. Inbox Fanpage
  3. Email [email protected]
  4. Call 1900.636.585 (Office hours)

With the trust of customers, Chungxe always tries to bring the best values. Since its establishment, Chungxe has received many positive feedbacks and contributions from customers. This is the motivation for Chungxe to improve day by day and bring quality trips to customers in the foreseeable future. Sincerely thank the trust and companionship of customers for Chungxe!


Chungxe – a nationwide online platform of self-driving vehicles (motorbike, car) rental and sharing in an economical, safe and fast way.


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