Self-drive car rental procedure for foreigners

Self-driving car rental is becoming fleet-wide in Vietnam gradually. Not only do the plethora of tourists within and outside the country apply this convenient form, but the dwellers also rent self-driving cars for commuting every single day. In the situation that you book a tour or train ticket to travel, it is hard for you to be independent during your journey because you will be involved in a fixed schedule and shared space with others. Therefore, to go anywhere you like without depending on any tour, hiring a car without a driver is the best option. It’s handy to know about car rental procedure before executing a car booking in Vietnam. Chungxe hopes this car rental guide can help you rent your ideal car quickly and conveniently.

  1. Car rental procedure in Vietnam

When it comes to car rental document for travelers, especially foreign tourists, you will feel it is a bit hard. For example, “valid driver’s license” is really a big deal for every foreigner to avoid breaking the traffic law in Vietnam. But the process to get it is time-consuming and even costly. So, to be more specific, click here to know how to have a valid driving license in Vietnam. After having that, you need to bring a dossier listed below:

  • Flight ticket (one-way or round ticket) and Hotel booking
  • Valid driving license ( English/French version is acceptable)
  • Deposit money ( from $1000-$1500 based on which car type is)
  • Passport with valid Visa

Self-drive car rental procedure at Chungxe

All the above papers and deposit will be kept by the car owner until the rented car is dropped off successfully. The entirety of the procedure is listed clearly in the car rental contract.

  1. Car rental contract

 After agreeing with the rental price and the aforementioned requirements, it is vital for you to read the rental contract carefully to avoid vague content and unfair points. In the event that you spot any issue, inform the car owner immediately because you probably don’t like to cough up. Chungxe will summarize some necessary information that you need to pay attention to:


  • The calculation method for each car rental company in terms of mileage and time may have a difference. Normally, a rental day is calculated from 7 a.m to 8 p.m. However, if you prefer to pick up the car early to make your upcoming trip smooth, you totally can receive the car from 9 p.m before that day
  • The responsibility of the 2 parties if there is any mishap happen
  • How to calculate extra charges? How much do you defray in case you drive over mileage rate or over limited time?
  • If the rented car is not like what you required before, is the owner fully liable for that?
  • The information about car insurance

After diving into the important information in car rental agreement, the other highlighted problem that you may concern is pick-up and drop-off procedure

  1. Pick-up procedure

Chungxe will contact you as soon as possible to discuss about pick-up location. The renters can pick up the car at our dealer’s location or at renter’s location. If you choose the 2 one, you may be surcharged with shipping fee is 15,000 VND/km. But if you are in the 1st requirement, you will be free of charge within 5 km. Apart from shipping fee, the other requirements need to be concerned are car documents, car’s exterior and car’s interior.

thủ tục thuê xe tự lái

Take your consideration to car documents, car’s exterior and car’s interior.

* Car documents: Car circulation permit and the other car-related documents to avoid the unpredictable situation.

* Car’s exterior: You should pay attention to some important details. If there are any dents or scratches, you should take some photos as proof, then send it to that car rental agency. Additionally, it is also important to inspect the tyres to know whether there are any tears,  unbalanced tyres and unstable tread wear indicator. You need to require the rental company to replace that damaged tyre immediately before receiving to avoid any mishaps may appear

* Car’s interior: This stage seems complicated but if you want to have a safe journey, you need to follow these steps. The first thing is operating the car to check its engine for a while. Then, check the cooling system, brake system and don’t skip the gas gauge to refill before dropping off because you probably don’t like to pay an extra cost for it. Besides, you can ask for a driving trial to make sure there is no trouble during the rental period.

  1. Drop-off procedure

It is vital for you to return the car on time ( some will ask you to return before 10 p.m). If you don’t, you may cough up an amount of money.

Another step that you should consider is washing the car carefully and following full-to-full fuel policy. These also take you an extra expense if you don’t follow.

The aforementioned information is self-drive car rental procedure for foreigners. So, it’s handy to know to make your rental simpler. Our mission is your interests, Chungxe now co-ordinate with dealers to simplify the car rental procedures to minimize your car difficulty

Chungxe completes the self-driving car rental system across the country which can meet the customers’ requirement. No matter where you go, you can have a rental car quickly. Get access to the website: to find and book your ideal car as soon as possible for best rental prices.

Our pleasure is supporting your journeys. Wish you safe and wonderful journeys!

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