Self-driving car rental is a new trend for most families and groups of friends in big cities who want to relax after the nerve-racking days. If you intend to rent a car, let’s learn about some car rental procedure which is provided by Chungxe.

  1. The common requirements.

In case the Renters do not have household registration book in the same area as that car rental company, they can find a representative who can help them to rent. All the things they need are ID card, value items (as motorbike with motorbike registration) and deposit (from 20 million VND).

The renters will receive the deposit, motorbike and household registration book after finishing the payment and extra expenses.

After the two parties agree with procedure, requirement and price, the Owner will verify the renter’s information. Particularly, some agencies require that car rental procedure must be done based on the address in household registration book.

The rental fee will be returned as soon as the agreement has been signed.

  1. The car rental agreement

You need to read clearly all the contents in the agreement to avoid wondering about car rental procedure. It is not difficult to understand because it is the same as other service contracts. However, if there are any misunderstandable and vague meanings, ask the Owner for detailed information. Chungxe would like to provide you some noteworthy information before signing a car rental procedure.

  • Unit price is calculated based on time rate, mileage rate and calculation methods of each car rental agency. For example, 24-hour day is calculated from 7 a.m to 7 p.m
  • What is the responsibility of the 2 parties if the car is suddenly broken down?
  • How to calculate extra charge? How much should I pay if I drive a 4-passenger car (7-passenger car) over limited mileage rate ( 3.000 VND- 5.000 VND/km) or overtime rate ( about 100.000 VND/h)
  • In case the Owner delivers the wrong car, what is the penalty and responsibility of the Owner?
  • You should understand clearly about the security information of rental car 
  1. Some bullet points when receiving a self-driving car

  • Inspect the necessary documents before renting because it is very vital when you are travelling
  • Bring enough the necessary documents before renting, especially the Driving license and ID card
  • Read carefully the minutes of the handover of car; inspect if there are any scratches or dents and notice to the gasoline gauge before receiving. You will not stop in the middle of your way if you follow the instructions above 
  • Inspect car quality, engine, mirrors and other equipments to avoid unwanted extra charges. Make sure that you receive all the service quality mentioned in the agreement. 

There is no official regulation for car rental. Therefore, you need to beware of car rental procedure before signing the agreement to avoid disadvantages because each car rental company/agent has its own regulations.

4. Some bullet points when dropping off a self-driving car

The renter must return the car on time as required (you may pay an extra charge for overtime rate). When dropping off, the 2 parties will compare car status and fuel gauge before receiving and after receiving 

It is dispensable to know that in case the car was washed before delivering to you, you might cost a washing fee when dropping off if you do not wash carefully

The rental fees of some small car types: i10, Kia Morning ( 500.000 – 700.000 VND; Small sedans: Kia Forte, Vios, Hyundai Accent (700.000-1.000.000 VND); Large sedans: Altis, Camry (900.000 – 1,500.000 VND). Particularly, the 7-passenger cars: Innova or Fortuner ( 800.000 – 1,2 million VND)…

Learn more about the updated rental price in HCMC, Da Nang, Hanoi in bảng giá thuê xe tự lái 

Wish you get your ideal car rental!

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