Motorcycle rental at Chungxe – All you need to know


Along with self-driving car rental, Chungxe also offers motorcycle rental for backpackers and tourist. To assist you to rent motorbike just in the blink of an eye, we will give you a step-by-step instruction rental process at Chungxe:

Step 1: Visit to choose your ideal car

Display of Chungxe:

Vehicle booking display on the website of Chungxe

After this display appears, you can rent motorcycle by choosing category, rental city/province, rental time and then click Find a vehicle button, the next display will be as following:

Rent a motorbike just in a few steps

You should choose your favorite motorbike brand and model which can meet your need. Rental price usually ranges about 100,000 dong/day (~ 5$ per day). Currently Chungxe has updated various motorbike brands and model, so feel free to pick one.

Step 2: Rental procedure and motorcycle pick-up at registered location.

Once finishing the previous step, customer service team will contact you and give you the detailed instruction. Chungxe offers both vehicle pick-up service at your home or delivered-at-place service depending your inquiry and then receive your motorcycle on the planned date.

In terms of procedure of motorbike pick-up, you need to present your ID card and a small deposit amount, then you can start preparation for your journey. Deposit amount is clearly specified in your motorcycle rental contract so don’t worry about it as it will be paid back right after you return the motorbike to its owner. Chungxe can either pay back this amount or directly deduct to the rental fee, it’s totally up to you.

One small tip for you: remember to inspect thoroughly the current condition of your motorbike to avoid unexpected incidents due to someone’s fault, not yours. 

Step 3: Vehicle drop-off

Return your motorbike at pick-up place and receive your deposit amount

When you rent motorbike at Chungxe, our customer support team is always here to support you. Please reach us in case you have any difficulties. Chungxe – pioneering platform for self-driving vehicle rental in Vietnam, is always your best companion in every journey. 

Chungxe – Nationwide online platform for self-driving vehicle (car and motorbike) rental and sharing in speedy, safe and cost-saving way. 

Chungxe Joint Stock Company
Hanoi Office : 5th floor, 166 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung
Da Nang Office : 3rd floor, 31 Tran Phu, Hai Chau
Ho Chi Minh City Office : 7th floor, Avenis Building, 145 Dien Bien Phu, District 1

4 ways to rent a motorcycle at Chungxe:

  1. Book on website
  2. Inbox Fanpage
  3. Email at [email protected]
  4. Call 1900.636.585 (Office hours)

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