Hanoi is located in the center of the Red River Delta. It is one of the major economic, cultural and political centers of Vietnam. When you come here, you will be surprised by the youthful and dynamic pace. The infrastructure is very modern and magnificent. To discover every corner of Hanoi, motorbike is no doubt the best means of transport to travel around this city. So why don’t you book a motorbike rental in Hanoi now?

motorbike rental in hanoi

Currently, it is not too difficult to find a motorbike rental address in Hanoi with cheap prices but not all provide good service, especially with low-price rental motorbike quality. Because of this ramp, many customers are always afraid of the quality of the motorbike as well as the service. Understanding these concerns, Chungxe has connected with many partners, providing the best motorbike rental service in Hanoi with a wide range of vehicles, from scooters, cars, clutches,…

1. Motorbike rental location in Hanoi

Wherever you are, even foreigners, you can rent a motorbike in Hanoi, book in advance at https://chungxe.vn/

You can pick up the car at the car owner’s address or choose the delivery service (home, airport, hotel, train station, …). Delivery fee will depend on each case.

2. Motorbike rental price in Hanoi

Motorbike rental in Hanoi is only around 5 USD / day. We commit to provide you new vehicles,  with a high quality, regular maintenance, comfortable traveling, conquering difficult terrain. With unexpected accidents during your trip due to objective reasons, customers can contact the owner of the car for further support. In case the motorbike cannot be repaired, it will be exchanged for an equivalent vehicle.

3. Procedures when booking a motorbike rental in Hanoi

Customers need to hand in:

– ID card or Passport (In case your ID card and Passport are being used for other purposes, you can replace them with the papers of a Vietnamese relative or friend)

– Valid driver license (Vietnamese or International License)

– Deposit in cash or equivalent value (Motorbike + Car registration certificate / Card vert)

– Other documents (if needed): Flights, hotels (with tourists)

The above is a summary of motorbike rental in Hanoi. You want to have the most active trip, you can visit the website: Chungxe.vn to consult and rent a car. Chungxe’s Customer Service team will assist you to rent a car/ motorbike in Hanoi in particular as well as rent cars/ motorbikes nationwide in general. You can pick up and drop off your rental vehicle at home. 

BOOK NOW AT https://chungxe.vn/


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