Ha Giang Loop- Guide For Bikers

Ha Giang is one of the most ubiquitous destinations in northern Vietnam. It always remains its own highlighted points such as Lung Cu flagpole, Fabaceae, winding road and celebrated mountain peaks which attract travellers from all over the world. You can enjoy the beauty of colourful flower fields in 4 seasons. This is the reason why this place can allure travellers for ages. Chungxe would like to introduce to you how to travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang by self-riding motorbike easily

The distance from Hanoi to Ha Giang is about 300 kilometers. You need to consider your health status before departure on such a long journey. However, all the things you get is worthy because you will have memorable and intriguing moments and contemplate the unique and imposing landscapes. Moreover, traveling by motorcycle can help you get independence during the planned adventure, and take serenity photos of renowned spots in Ha Giang whenever you want.

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1. From Hanoi to Ha Giang Loop by motorcycle 

You can choose either these 2 routes:

The route 1: Riding via National Highway 2 -> go for more 290 kilometers. From Hanoi → Nhat Tan Bridge → Vo Chi Cong → Vinh Ngoc → Vo Nguyen Giap. Drive about 15 km → turn right to get National Highway 2A → go along this highway to reach Phuc Yen Town → Vinh Yen City → Turn right, then you drive on National Highway 2C → Tuyen Quang City → Viet Quang Town → Ha Giang.

The route 2: Riding via National Highway 32 (longer than National Highway 1 about 7 km). From Hanoi → Thang Long Avenue → Drive about 27 km → National Highway 21 → go for 20km to reach National Highway 32 → Trung Ha Bridge → Phu Tho Town → National Highway 2 → Tuyen Quang City → Viet Quang Town → Ha Giang

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Follow these routes by self-riding motorbike, you will have more significant memories and take perfect selfies with ease and comfort

2. The most appropriate time to travel to Ha Giang

Each season in Ha Giang has its own beauty. If you come there within August to September, it is good opportunity for you to contemplate endless shining yellow terraced fields. The next couple of months is buckwheat flower time, the stunning and poetic landscape is potted with limestone in karst plateau  In case you travel on holidays, you can join distinguished customs of 23 ethnic minorities living here.

3. The most must-go places when traveling to Ha Giang:

Dong Van karst plateau geopark

Dong Van karst plateau which is regarded as world geological park on December 2010. It allures a flock of visitors within and outside the country by its antique and unique in Ha Giang

 Vuong Palace – The combined architecture among China, France and H’Mong

Located in the middle of the plateau, Vuong Palace is a historic and untouched place. It was erected in 1019 which cost 150 silvers. turtle-shaped hill and Cunninghamia deeply impress on travel-goers

Lung Cu flagpole – “a high forehead of the motherland”

This 3rd wonder is Lung Cu Flag Pole which makes travelaholics travel there at least once. It is a 1,5-km distance to get to Lung Cu Flagpole, you must pass 389 staircases and climb up a spiral staircase of 140 steps to reach this Flag Pole. A 54m2 flag is known as a symbol of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups   

Ma Pi Leng Pass – “Vietnam’s great wall”

Serpentine terrain and thick fog are a not-to-be-missed spot for who loves challenges. You can totally experience romantic and stunning landscape when traveling there by motorbike. Don’t forget to bring a high-quality camera to take such those sceneries

Yen Minh pine forest with pristine and peaceful beauty

Soaking yourself into the comfy and natural sceneries of Green pine forest, avoid the nerve-racking days and bustle of the urban city is an unforgettable adventure for travelers inside and outside country 

428 milestone

An intriguing place the topmost of Northern Vietnam will satisfy your wanderlust

4. Must-try cuisine

Stuffed pancake of Dong Van Old Quarter

Shan Tuyet Tea – unique ancient tea in Vietnam

Mint honey – a good medicine 

Com lam (sticky rice cooked in bamboo) Bac Me – a great dish after your journey

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