Central Vietnam: highlighted destinations with motorbike


Central Vietnam coast is perhaps the most striking part that the nation offers, with the rocky inlets to sandy lagoons. This is an area of great cultural and historical significance and home to fascinating cities both well-traveled and hardly yet explored. For those visiting Central Vietnam, these are recommended destinations for you. 

1. Quang Binh 

For some reasons, Quang Binh may be the lesser known city in Central Vietnam as it does not offer leisure activities like any other tourism spots. However, for those who are big fans of outdoorsy activities, Quang Binh can be your ideal destination. Renowned for its natural ecosystem, Quang Binh is of particular importance thanks to its proximity of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. This park is Vietnam’s greatest natural treasure and should be seen by any and all tourist. Coming to Quang Binh, it would be a big mistake if we did not mention Son Doong Cave, which is located in the heart of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. This cave is rewarded as the biggest cave in the world up to now. It has the length of 5km, the height of 200m and the width of 150m. The cave is estimated to occupy the whole Bitexco Tower, a symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. Inside the cave, there is a separate ecosystem formed by sunlight from the ceiling holes and clouds. However, not everyone can go trekking to this spots as the entry to it is extremely difficult to follow. If you want to enjoy this experience, you must conduct some physical training to make sure that your health is in the best status. Also, as Son Doong Cave is still in the process of formation and a slight touch can stop the development process of stalactite inside the cave, the annual trekking tourists is limited. 

2. Hue

It is not coincidence that Hue City is considered as the most poetic and dreamy city in Central Vietnam thanks to its tranquil beauty. The Vietnam War happen forty-odd years ago, in which the name of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City are frequently mentioned. That’s why not so many people knew that the very last dynasty of Vietnam was in Central Vietnam, Hue City.

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Hue might be the city recovering from being abandoned right after the Nguyen dynasty fell. Yet, the trace of a flourishing dynasty can still be found through the existence of awe-inspiring architectural works full of feudatory characteristics. You can still visit the  Complex of Hue Monuments, glorious tombs of Emperors and even their citadels. Tourists will be fascinated by architectural combination of royal, folk and religious aspects. This is a good chance for you to understand the history, culture and tradition of the last ruling family of Vietnam.

Khai Dinh Tomb

You can even see the city with French influence through a Trang Tien Bridge by the architect of Eiffel Tower. It connects the citadel area with the new town across the Perfume River . Also, if you long for a ‘getaway’, Thuan An Beach and Lang Co Beach will satisfy you with romantic scenery and mouth – watering seafood dishes. 

3. Da Nang

Da Nang is the halfway between the North and the South Vietnam so it inherits the combination between young and dynamic Ho Chi Minh City and historical, cultural Ha Noi City. For those interested in riding, a motorbike trip from Hue to Da Nang through Hai Van Pass may give you unforgettable experiences. 

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Da Nang’s downtown has bloomingly developed in recent years and turns to the most tourist – friendly destination in Central Vietnam. Called as ‘City of bridges’, Da Nang make itself stand out from the other thanks to a lot of bridges around the city with various shapes. Among of those, Dragon Bridge is more special and becomes the new symbol of this dynamic coastal destination. This bridge has a fire – breathing dragon – shaped design. At weekends, its performance of fire – breathing is a must see.

Dragon Bridge

For those who are into sunbathing, Da Nang can also fulfill your demands as it’s destination for perfect beach vacation. My Khe Beach in Da Nang is notable for it long coastal sandy beach, stunning scenery, beautiful resorts, surfing and other watersports. What’s more, Ba Na, which was once the French resort during the French colonization, now offer an amusement park with dozens of adventurous games. 

My Khe Beach

Once setting foot on Da Nang City, My Son Sanctuary is a should-not-be-missed spot if you are a history lover. This is a system of ruined Hindu temples. This sculptural masterwork and architectural distinctiveness will definitely be valuable memory for all tourists.

My Son Sanctuary

4. Hoi An

25 km away from Da Nang City, you can totally travel by motorbike to reach Hoi An Ancient Town. In the past, Hoi An used to be a bustling trading and commercial center of the Central Vietnam, appealing a numerous Chinese and Japanese trader and became the top tier port in Asia. That’s why all buildings in Hoi An are awash with both Chinese and Japanese influences. Hoi An’s attractions consist of wooden architecture of exquisite yellow houses. Travelers usually spend a few days exploring the romantic alleyways of the ancient streets hidden beneath the glow of hanging lanterns. 

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If you travel to Hoi An on the 14th date each month following the lunar calendar, you can blend in Hoi An Lantern Festival. This is the monthly activity of this ancient city when the moon is fullest and brightest. Obviously, lantern is the focus during the festival. Lantern is beautifully lit and a candle is put at the bottom of colorful paper lantern. These lit lanterns are put to flow along the river, conveying a wish for peace and health. 

During this event, along the river bank are several intriguing activities, namely traditional Bai Choi performance. It is the combination of complex set of rules involving card drawing and folk singing. 

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