It cannot be denied that renting a self-driving car for working and traveling is much more convenient. You can choose one of countless car options which is suitable for your requirements. For example, Is it regularly maintained? Does it have a large boot capacity? How many seats are there?  They can totally satisfy yours. Apart from such advantages, it still has some drawbacks that disappoint a few of customers on demand. Chungxe will analyse some pros and cons of renting a self-driving car that can facilitate your rental requirement.

The advantages of self-driving car rental

  1. The convenience  

The rapid development of public transportation is facilitating our daily lives. It is not difficult to see the common transportation such as bus, train, taxi and motorbike taxi, we even have the integration of technology into transportation like Grab or Uber. Instead of buying a luxurious car/motorbike which is not necessary, you can take advantage of that means for your upcoming business plan. And the car rental will help you to travel anywhere with your friends and your family members during special occasions or holiday vacations at a reasonable price.

  1. Need satisfaction

A 4-passenger car cannot meet the demands if there are a number of travelers with bulky luggage. You need a bigger one ( maybe 7-passenger car or 12-passenger car) which have enough seats and large boot capacity. The most convenient for you is renting a big car or renting two similar cars. Chungxe now provides a new delivery service and diversified car types which can serve such requirements.   

  1. Saving money

Owning a car is prohibitively expensive, you must care about the other expenses such as car depreciation, parking fees, regular maintenance and other incidents. Because of that reason, your car will become a liability instead of an asset. So, you had better rent a self-driving car if you don’t want to cough up a lot of money. 

  1. Service quality

There is one advantage that you properly consider is that if your rental is damaged which impedes your adventure with friends or family, you will have a new car rental without paying any fees. This is the most amazing service for the customers to enjoy constant journeys and perfect experiences with the people you love.

The disadvantages of self-driving car rental

  1. The strict terms and conditions

The car rental policy in some self-driving car agencies is very strict because they want to remind that the customers should have responsibility for what you rent. Nevertheless, this measure need to be applied in special cases because some customers may find it inconvenient. Therefore, such solution will have a negative influence on those agencies.

  1. Limited car types

The car rental requirements of each renter depend on brand, design and usability. However, car rental agencies just provide the same car types in the marketplace. For the reason that they don’t have enough capital to provide both type and quantity. So, although there are many car types and car generations in the current marketplace, cars for rent are limited ones.

  1. The common regulations for renting car

Each car rental agency has their own regulations for customers because there are no common regulations or sanctions for car rentals. So, customers should inspect the car rental procedures and terms before signing a car rental agreement to avoid losing money

Chungxe is the first online platform for renting and sharing the self-driving car and motorbike in Vietnam. You can book one car which is suitable for your requirements with ease because of a wide range of options such as rental service, car brands and car generations. Particularly, you can book a car sooner to get our preferential policy. Do not be hesitate to book one through our website or  hotline.   

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