Vietnam with its pervading taxi and cab culture still needs some time to adjust to the idea of self-drive car rental. But once you have discovered the joys of self-drive rentals, you will never go back to sitting in the passenger seat of a taxi or cab. So why don’t you book a car rental in Vietnam now?

There are a host of reasons that prove self-drive car rental in Vietnam are way better than cabs, with some of the main ones being:

Privacy: Weekends and late evenings are the only times that we get to spend with family and friends. Imagine the irritation of having an unknown driver snoop over all your conversations, smirk at your dilemmas, and laugh at your jokes. This gets even worse when you rent a cab for a tour outside the city spanning a couple of days. And if you are travelling as a couple, you can see the romance go out the taxi cab window as you wave it goodbye and say hello to Mr. Driver.

Safety: Another driver problem in Vietnam is that of safety. Drivers are one of the least paid and most overworked people in Vietnam. So you can be sure that most of the time, your driver is exhausted, tired and not totally on top of his senses. Apart from that, it is almost a routine for us to tell a taxi driver not to drive rash, which just goes to prove how much safer you can be when you are in control of your own self-drive rental.

Freedom: Going for a self-drive rental car takes out the fuss and irritation of a trip by giving you the freedom to be your own boss. You can get out of the house later than you planned, leave a place early, and stop as and when you please when you are driving your own rental car. There is absolutely no hurry because you do not have to deal with a running meter and a driver who needs to be somewhere else the moment he is free of you.

Cost Benefits: Apart from all the conveniences of self-drive rental cars, another major plus point in favour of the self-driven rental vs a cab is the cost. Contrary to the popular belief that rental cars are costly in Vietnam, Chungxe provides self-drive cars at one third of what a taxi or cab company will charge you. For e.g., a self-drive car for 240 km or a whole day is available for just about 500.000 VND, while even the cheapest cab will charge around 1.600.000 VND for the same distance…

So it is time to ditch the cab and go for a self-drive rental car. Choose from Chungxe’s range spanning hatchbacks to sedans and luxury cars to SUVs, and you will never be calling for a cab again!


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