Car rental guides in Vietnam from A to Z

Car rentals are not alien things for Vietnamese travelers. Although most renters highly appreciate these utilities, there are some customers on demand are confused by some information such as price, car quality and probable risks. The others can drive, so do you. Now, Chungxe will bring to you Car rental guides in Vietnam from A to Z.

  1. Car rental guides in Vietnam from A to Z

Car rental purposes

The first guide of self-driving car rental is determining your purpose. Do you want to come back to your hometown or travel to an attraction? Do you want to travel in the urban area or mountainous on? or Do you want to rent a long-distance car or a short-distance one? It’s up to each purpose of you. Therefore, renting a car will be more convenient, quicker and suitable for your requirements if you have an obvious purpose.

Booking early

If you book a car early, you will have a wide range of designs and brands. On the one hand, booking later, especially during the weekends or holidays, will lead to “out-of-stock” situation. This bad habit can destroy all your well-prepared plan

To book a wanted car and avoid the increase of value-added tax, you should book as soon as possible. The best time for renting is 3-5 days before your departure

Clear agreement and car document inspection

The two parties will discuss and negotiate about pick-up and drop-off time and car rental agreement. The most important guide is having enough necessary documents and car rental conditions. You should bring:

  • ID card; household registration book
  • Driving license
  • Deposit or motorbike ( which has the value is about 20 million VND)

Pre-prepare necessary documents before receiving the car

The contents relating to documents and deposit will be recorded into the self-driving car rental agreement. Therefore, you should inspect the agreement and negotiate about unexpected extra fees during the rental period. Beware of car documents, you probably don’t want to meet a police while the circulation time of the rental car is over. Therefore, to avoid unwanted situations, you should prepare the documents needed in car rental procedures and inspect car document before renting 

Car inspection

Although this is the most important step, many people skip it. It is quite difficult if you have less experience and understanding about car. However, you probably can inspect the car’s exterior, and even the car’s interior.

Inspect the car’s exterior and the car’s interior.

Car’s exterior: You should care about the details like small scratches. If they are clear dents or scratches, you should take some photos, then send it to the self-driving car rental agency. Additionally, it is also important to inspect the tyres to know whether there are any tears,  unbalanced tyres and unstable tread wear indicator. You need to require the rental company to replace that damaged tyre immediately before receiving.

                       The tyres should be inspected before renting                

Car’s interior: This stage is much more difficult. However, if you want to have a safe journey, you need to follow these steps: the first thing is operating the car to check its engine. Then, check the cooling system and brake system. Besides, you can ask for a driving trial to make sure there is no trouble during the rental period

Operate the car to check its engine

  1. Self-driving rental car price

One of the important guides is renting at a reasonable price. It will be higher if you rent at the weekends or holidays. The small 4-passenger cars such as Huyndai i10, Kia Morning are cheaper than the 5-passenger or 7-passenger cars like Toyota Innova. Chungxe will provide you with the self-driving car rental price list for reference:

  1. Self-driving car rental procedure and process

To rent an ideal car, you can access to our website: to find and book your favourite car type. 

Search the car which is suitable for your requirements. 

Then, result management system will show you the most suitable one. Besides, our 24/7 customer support will assist you during your rental period. The process, as well as rental procedures, will be simplified to facilitate your rental 

If you are on demand, you can access to the website: to find and book your ideal car. With car rental guides in Vietnam from A to Z which is mentioned above, Chungxe hopes that you can rent your wanted car. Wish you have a meaningful and intriguing journey!

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