Instead of the common cars, you can rent self-driving vehicles (cars, motorbikes, motorcycles) for traveling and working. Furthermore, you can even rent the wanted ones with proper price and good quality if you use the following tips:

Car rental purpose

No matter what the rental purpose is (working, traveling or taking part in a festival), the selection criteria such as real-time leasing, brand, price, colour and type of the car will help you choose a self-driving car rental package which is suitable for your requirements.

When selecting your car rental provider, you can especially give them some criteria such as destination, distance, terrain type, traveling time and the number of people. Then, making an evaluation and comparison to choose your suitable provider.

Booking as soon as you can

After the above instructions, you should call for reference and book early. Booking a half months before you travel, especially on the weekends or holidays, can save money and avoid the number of cars decreases at that time.

The double prices, favourite brands and types will be “out-of-stock” if booking further ahead. So, booking a half months before you travel can help you to get a good deal.

Rental packages

There are 2 types of packages including daily rentals and limited mileage rentals. However, it is better for you to book the former. You will not know exactly how many times you use your car rental, so you may be charged for each extra miles.

Should you choose the daily rental packages, remember to return your rental car on time.

Necessary documents

When you rent a self-driving car, you need to bring the following documents:

 Driving licence ( based on the number of car seats)

– ID card (family record book)

– Security deposit (motorbike or cash)

If you don’t have any, the rental fees must be paid to the owner in cash through car rental agreements or valuable items

Car registration documents

This is a stage that many people skip. If the traffic police discover that your car registration document and circulation time is up, you can be involved in a big trouble. In case of your car registration time is “out-of-date”, you shall have expenses from 2 to 3 million and your car shall be kept in 30 days

Therefore, you should have an inspection of the car registration documents and circulation time before receiving.

Before receiving

Inspecting car’s exterior and car’s interior during doing procedure process

Car’s exterior: This is a difficult step, especially the experience-less people. To avoid renting the old one which is breakdown-prone, it’s necessary for you to take a look at the car registration certificate.

Additionally,  we recommend that you should inspect the seal of contermet clock, kilometre gauge and fuel gauge. Furthermore, to avoid unexpected problem during your journey, give it a trial to check the driving system, shock absorber, machine and air-condition.

Obvious agreement.

When finding out and determining the car rental, learn more about the rental agreement. There is no official regulation for self-driving car rental, the two parties must discuss and negotiate to achieve a good deal. Therefore, be careful with the car rental agreement to avoid unfairness

>>> The sample self-driving car rental agreement

Firstly, give detail questions in writing about the packages (daily rental package and limited mileage rental one), extra charges. Before receiving, take the minutes to determine car situation clearly and detailedly.

Secondly, you need to add detailed indemnity in the terms and conditions in case of wrong car and time. This will help you not waste your money on self-driving car rental and miss your plan like receiving something old, unqualified and unwanted one.

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When dropping off

When returning, inspect car situation and kilometre to notify lessor. Were it have some incidents or problems, you’d have a consultancy from the knowledgeable people in that car to avoid unfair compensation

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